The end of Moustache…& then the beginning.

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 11.06.48 pmLife often brings unexpected things. Highs & lows. Twists & turns. But I’m a firm believer in that old adage “everything happens for a reason”. You always learn a heck of a lot more when bad things happen compared to good events.

The last year has been tough. Sometimes the world wants to squash you, put you under fire and see what you’re made of. But I know that the shadow proves the sunshine. I just have to wait for the grey clouds to part to see it. Though I have a quiet confidence & positivity, it still doesn’t stop the jitters.

Due to unexpected events outside our control, I will be shutting down Moustache Milk & Cookie Bar within the year. I’m sitting in the store as I type & it’s hard to write those words. Looking around this place that has become my whole world – the physical manifestation of my childhood dream – I get flashbacks of everything. From my struggles & fears at the beginning when no one believed in me and bankers & real estate agents would laugh at me. To now with such a huge following of devoted fans & the most amazing three years of growth and testing that I could have asked for.

The jitters come from my next dream. I’m crowdfunding to turn my Milk & Cookie Bar into a Milk & Cookie Bus. Yeah. Last year, when confronted with a big problem, I thought the best logical way to solve my life problem was to spend every single cent I had to buy a friggen 10-metre long bus. Because, that’s just logical right???


The dream now is to bring milk & cookies to not just the cookie monsters of Auckland but to tour all of New Zealand also. But it’s always hard putting yourself out there. Asking for help. To put all your dreams out into the universe. Trying to launch a project that very well, may fail.

But as an entrepeneur, there is no project that “may fail”. There is no Plan B. Because that would already be admitting that Plan A won’t work.

So here I am. Putting myself out there. Putting every damn cent, sweat and tear into this.

All of us here at Team Mo would be humbled if you would like to be a part of our new journey by donating to our crowdfund below.

Much love, Deanna x


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